A nostalgic stay at the TWA Hotel at JFK airport with kids in a real treat. I knew my daughter would love the unique features of this hotel. I had been really wanting to stay at this hotel for a long time as I had seen so many roof top photos floating around on social media.

So when I could not get to Bermuda in one day I jumped at the opportunity to experience this hotel on an overnight visit to optimize checking out the various amenities.  Note you can also stay for a day trip based on specific hour intervals from 6am to 8pm.

Location of the TWA Hotel

Hotel is located across from Jet Blue Terminal which is so convenient.  For many years JFK did not have a hotel located on site.  To get to the hotel you simple get to the street level and cross the street.  We arrived via AirTrain from Delta Terminal which was Terminal 4 and hotel is located in Jet Blue’s Terminal 5.

There were plenty of signs that indicated where to go to find the hotel.  Leaving the next morning our flight was on Jet Blue so it was so convenient we simply crossed the red long corridor and got to elevator caught it to the Jet Blue terminal and walked a short distance.  We had to catch another elevator to check in area but there were lots of signage as well.

Lobby of the TWA Hotel

When you walk into this hotel you literally feel like you have stepped back into time with all the unique features of the lobby.  The massiveness of the room takes you back in time.  It really one of those places you enter and you are blown away. There’s also this big enormous message board.  I had never seen anything like this before in my life.

Room at the TWA Hotel

The rooms are rather standard and basic however the rates will start at US $200 plus.  I choose the standard as it was a quick overnight stay.  The room was smaller than I had imagined however it was manageable for one night and the design layout made good use of space.

The theme of the hotel extends to the rooms and they are modern however still makes you feel as if you have been taken back to the 60s.  The combination of the two has been executed brilliantly by the interior designers and decorators.

The most unique feature was the vintage rotary phone.  That was definitely a topic of discussion with my daughter as she had never seen a phone like this before.  I also did really appreciate the sleekness and modern feature of the electric roll down black out curtains.  You need them given the wall to ceiling glass.

Pool on the Rooftop at the TWA Hotel

The most photographed space of the TWA Hotel seems to be the pool.  Note that only guests of the hotel can visit the pool and  you must make a reservation and pay a surcharge if you visit pool from 11am – 11pm.  If visit from 7am -10:30am there’s no need for a reservation. The pool rates are cheaper during the week they are during the weekend.

Well the pool is just amazing with such a great view of the runway.  It’s definitely one of my top most memorable views from a pool as its so unique.  You are limited to only 1 hour 45 minutes to your reservation.  The time does go by quickly.  You can visit pool all year round as the pool is heated to 95 degrees.  There’s also a pool bar serves light food and drinks.

Gym at the TWA Hotel

The gym was surprisingly large at 10,000 square feet and I later found out its one of the largest hotel gyms in the world.  It is well equipped with a range of Note to use the gym there is a surcharge.


The Paris Cafe does not offer a kids meal menu.  The food hall had various vendors that have kid friendly meals: pizza, hot dogs, ice cream etc.  For a child the hotel is like a living museum with so many old relics.  I had to explain to my daughter so many of the items she had never seen before.  By far though her favorite areas were the big Twister room and of course the iconic infinity pool overlooking the runway.

Food at TWA Hotel

The hotel has a food hall with a variety of vendors.  On offer there are the several vendors offering quick grab and good food.  We did have a pizza from Vinny’s Panini for lunch.  It was around $20 US.

There is also a bar close to the lobby and a lovely restaurant the Paris Cafe, offering a wide variety of foods. For dinner we ate at Paris Cafe. Entrees start at $25 and over. My daughter had pasta and meatballs.  The sauce was good and meatballs flavorful and tender.  I choose the cheedar cheeseburger well done.  Well the burger hit the spot its was perfectly done not overcooked and tough the meat was seared on the outside and tender on the inside.  The toppings of pickles and onion really combined well together.

Summary of the TWA Hotel

It was a great experience staying at the TWA Hotel.  The highlight was the infinity pool on the roof deck of the hotel.  The price of the hotel is rather expensive given size of the room however this is New York so one always knows there also will be a premium based on the location of the hotel.  Would I stay again yes for the convenience.

Here’s why I loved my stay at the TWA Hotel:

  • Easy access to JFK airport for early morning flights
  • Infinity pool the views of the airplanes are any aviation fans dream
  • The nostalgia and history of the brand TWA
  • The big lobby areas and large spaces the hotel never felt crowded even though it has 500 plus rooms
  • Food hall offered lots of variety
  • I enjoyed the food at the hotel
  • Staff were friendly and helpful
  • Historical nature of the hotel with many unique exhibits
  • No fees for packages sent to the hotel as a Caribbean person we always got to get our packages


Here’s some areas for room of improvement at this hotel:

  • No storage space for clothes or ironing board
  • No bellman to help you take your bags to your room it can be quite a long walk
  • No wake ups calls I am always worried about missing my flight by over slipping and hitting snooze button my cell phone
  • The red carpet on the long corridors which create the whole atmosphere of the hotel are very stained
  • Amenities fees are additional for access to pool and gym
  • Paris Cafe does not offer kid meal menu
  • The pool bar does not allow you to charge to your room

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