The Unique Flavors of Trinidad’s KFC

Well, I had heard about Trinidad’s legendary KFC from numerous people so of course, I had to find out what makes this KFC so revered. It should have been a sign when I saw people at the hotel with buckets of KFC and also the lines at the airport that I was indeed in for a “finger lickin good” experience. I can say the chicken was very tasty and well seasoned. What made it better than other KFC? I think it was the flavors and seasoning of the chicken. This to me only stands for the spicy chicken. 

TIP: if you order in Trinidad make sure you get the spicy chicken when they ask you what would you like original or spicy. Also, there is this special green pepper sauce that you can get to accompany your spicy chicken. This takes this chicken to next level spicy. Just how I like it. The ketchup in Trinidad it is definitely sweeter than the standard ketchup you would find in other countries.

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