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5 Exciting Travel Gifts for Toddlers

I love to give gifts to my daughter before we travel it definitely builds excitement and eagerness for the trip.  She’s 5 and has been to the following countries: Bermuda (of course because I from there), Trinidad, USA, Mexico, Canada and United Arab Emirates. There are so many great travel gifts you can find on Additionally you can also buy your kid(s) a book on the country that you visiting to incite excitement and learn about the country beforehand.  Here are some of the items that I have brought her that she loves to either take on her vacation or we play with before we go:

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Trunki Baby Travel Gift for Toddlers

My daughter loves this suitcase even at age 5.  Best of all we can roll her as she sits on it.  It is such a great little suitcase for a toddler.  Before we even went on our first trip with this suitcase she was rolling around the house.  I brought this for her when she was 1 it been such a fun, sturdy, reliable suitcase for her.


VTech Camera Travel Gift for Toddlers

We have always loved VTech products from when she was a baby.  She loves to take photos and get photos taken so what better gift than her own camera.  She loves to take this camera with us on all our adventures.  It is a durable camera with lots of protection on the outside for when she drops it.  She also loves the games on the camera.  This is definitely one of her favorite travel products.

Kids Travel Pillow Travel Gift for Toddlers

When we travel on long flights is so important that she has pillow that keeps her head up so that’s she does not strain her head.  This is a great product which definitely does the job.  You especially need these for the trips that are over 8 plus hours. We used one of these for our flight to Dubai.

Map Puzzle for Toddlers

It’s so important to teach geography to kids so before we travel.  We usually complete a map puzzle and discuss where we are headed and what continent the country is in.  What are the major sights, foods and customs.  A map puzzle is such a great gift for a little globetrotter.

Tablet Travel Gift for Toddlers

All kids would love to have their own tablet.  They are a lifesaver when traveling no matter how long the flight.  Some flights do not have entertainment systems with kid-friendly shows on them.  What better way to entertain your kid(s) with their preloaded favorite shows.   I do worry about giving my daughter to much screen time but when its come to flying I throw that notion out the window.

She needs to be entertained so that I don’t hear mommy I bored a million times.  She has an IPAD because I love Apple products.  Its kind of scary from young these kids can identify brand marks.  They are reliable, sturdy and have great technical support.  I also got a sturdy and fun case so that it is child friendly and also protects the IPAD from being damaged if dropped.

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