It’s travel tip time.  You won’t believe what happened to me I forgot that I had a World of Hyatt reward points account as I had signed up for it on a business trip more than two years ago. I don’t typically stay at Hyatt’s. 

I called Hyatt to see if I could get my reward points reinstated as I live in the Caribbean and there aren’t any Hyatt’s in Barbados. To my surprise the agent put me on hold and asked manager who allowed agent to reinstate the majority of my points. From that experience I signed up for Award Wallet so I get notification of when my points are expiring.

Tip make sure your points don’t expire your basically leaving money on the table. It is so difficult keeping track of all these reward programs for hotels, airlines etc. I don’t want that to ever happen to me again.  I did some research and found there were some apps. I now have an Award Wallet. No more losing airline miles or hotel points for me.  What do you use to keep track of your airline miles and hotel points?

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