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3 Captivating Black Travel Books for Kids

Statistics on Books with Black Kids

Did you know that black kids are underrepresented when it comes to books with black children?  A study conducted by compiled by the librarians at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education Cooperative Children’s Book Center ( CCBC ) in 2018 reveals that 10% of children’s book published depict African American children.  This is a slit improvement compared to 2015 were the numbers was at 7.65%.  The School Library Journal states the following “Children’s literature continues to misrepresent underrepresented communities, and we wanted this infographic to show not just the low quantity of existing literature, but also the inaccuracy and uneven quality of some of those books…. ”

Travel Books with Black Kids

Reading is so important for children.  Here are 3 captivating travel books that feature black kids.  I love to introduce my daughter to new countries through the use of books.  It develops so many important aspects of a growing intellectual child.  It’s so important for children to envision themselves in the world free of no barrier or boundaries. Let’s diversify bookshelves and buy books these travel books are great for kids!

Below are some of my favorite black travel books for kids that we have purchased to date:

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The Traveling Child Goes to Rio de Janeiro


The Search for Elephants in Thailand


My Africa Vacation

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