6 Must Try Tantalizing Food in Trinidad

I am a foodie and enjoy trying new foods when I travel. My favorite travel food show was Anthony Bourdain’s (rest his soul) No Reservations. I remember his visit to Trinidad.

When he interviewed Trinidadians they stated, ” The food is the glue that binds the society together.”Well did I enjoy the food. This is a long post because I had to share with you all the food that I feel in love with on the island of Trinidad.


From S. Hanif & Son. Bourdain described “Doubles are a Caribbean take on the Indian chana bhatura, two floppy tender pieces of soft Indian-style bread loaded with a wet heap of curried chickpeas, pepper sauce, and mango.” I purchased mine from the airport vendor S. Hanif & Son it is was flavorful, spicy and hot. This was my first time having doubles and it was so delicious!



From the famous roti shop Patraj. I did my research and the online community said they are the best in Port of Spain. This was confirmed by my driver. Make sure you get there early because they sell out fast. When I got there at 2pm there was only chicken roti’s available. It was delicious the blends of curry channa and tender chicken and I also had mangos added for the first time.


This was pineapples with a hint of lime, peppers and other seasonings. My hotel, Hyatt Regency Trinidad served this in the club lounge. I enjoyed the blend and I had never had this dish before.


Angostura’s LLB (aka lemon lime & bitters). This was a spritzy lemon lime carbonated drink. The Angostura brand is well known over the world as a Trinidadian aromatic bitter.


Bake and buljol. The bake is a fried bread. The buljol is a cold salt fish with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, onions and garlic. Also served in my hotel.


Well, the most well-known vendor is Richard’s. I was not disappointed as it was really good. You can tell who has good food when there is a long line. The fish was well seasoned and flaky. The bake was fried to perfection, warm and tasty. The toppings were so many to choose from. Also, there was a variety of sauces – tamarind, pepper and garlic. To put together your sandwich it was a production line.



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