Trini adventure today was Maracas Bay. It was a scenic drive 45-minute drive from Hyatt Regency Trinidad.  Check out my review of the Hyatt Regency Trinidad.  This beach as it was Sunday was packed with sunbathers and has a beautiful backdrop combining sea, sand, and mountains. Maracas Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Trinidad. This Bay has a reputation for being a great lunch spot with idyllic views.

Maracas Bay: Shark and Bake

Maracas Bay is well known for its shark and bake. Yes, I did say shark. I had to do some research cause at first I was like is it really shark or fish. The shark is typically a blacktip shark. The bake is a fried floury flatbread.

Well, the most well-known vendor is Richard’s. I was not disappointed as it was really good. You can tell who has good food when there is a long line. The fish was well seasoned and flaky. The bake was fried to perfection, warm and tasty. The toppings were so many to choose from. Also, there was a variety of sauces – tamarind, pepper, and garlic. To put together your sandwich it was a production line.

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