Dubai is known to be an extravagant and expensive destination however here are 4 budget-friendly activities to do in Dubai.

  1. Visit any of the beaches (recommend Jumeirah Beach) – free  Jumeirah Beach
  2. Visit Dubai Mall or Emirates Mall – free Dubai Mall
  3. Watch the Dubai Fountain – free Dubai Fountain
  4. Take an abra to Old Dubai to visit the various souk markets (spice, gold, perfume, textile) – 1 aed – us 0.27 Old Dubai

Taking the abra to Old Dubai was my favorite thing to do as I had only seen the pictures of modern Dubai via advertisement and social media. Once I arrived the souks are so amazing with the many various items that they sell. They are also great places to take back souvenirs.  I saw a different side to Dubai that was a unique city it was quite a comparison to the modern over the top modern sprawling skyscraper city.

Traveling can be reasonable and you definitely can see the world on a budget. It might take some research however there are lots of great resources on the Internet to help you get started.

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