Essential Must Have Amazon Travel Products

Essential Travel Must Have from Amazon

I am obsessed with making sure that I have all my favorite travel products before I travel.  I meticulously go through a mental list to ensure that I am not without anything.  All my flights from Barbados to the US are a minimum of 4 hours and I need to be prepared. I have an Amazon Prime account so I can get my items in a timely manner.

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Travel Wallet – Amazon Travel Products

Yes, I carry a travel wallet.  I love having all my documents organized and everything in it’s place.  Before I used to hold everything individually which is a lot when traveling with a child as well.  Can I tell you about the time I dropped my passport and I didn’t know this kind lady came yelling after me? To tell me I had dropped it.  It was such a scary feeling.  Now I make sure everything is in one place and I have ease of mind.

Packing Cubes – Amazon Travel Products

My mom is super organized.  She brought me a set and said how great they are.  She is right.  I am now more organized.  My clothes are falling out as soon as I open my bag.  Especially handy when your bag has to go through customs and in some countries you have to open your bag and it is searched.


Universal Adapter – Amazon Travel Products

It’s so important to be prepared and have the correct adapter for your trip.  It’s nothing worse than not being able to charge your phone, camera or tablet because you don’t have the right adapter when you arrive in a country.


Luggage Scale – Amazon Travel Products

This is super important now days with the exorbitant cost of an overweight bag.  This is one of my favorite gadgets It gives me a sense of comfort to know I won’t have that stress of unpacking and repacking my bag at the airport.  Has that happened to anyone? It is not a pleasant experience at all.

Portable Charger – Amazon Travel Products

Anyone’s worse nightmare is to be about to take an iconic shot and your phone dies.  There is no where to charge.  You don’t want to be this person.  A portable charger is a lifesaver.

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