5 Top Alluring Spas in Barbados

One of my favorite things to do is to pamper myself at the spa.  Self-care is so important.  I am the queen of spas.  I have visited most of the spas on the island of Barbados.  Whenever I travel I look up places to go to for a spa treatment.  Barbados has so many great alluring top spas.   In this article, I will discuss some of my favorite spas on the island and the reason why I enjoy them so much.

1. Top Alluring Spa – Spa at Sandy Lane

What can I say this spa is the epitome of luxury! By far its the largest spa on the island at 47,000 square feet.  It has won numerous awards and was voted the #1 spa in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas by Travel & Leisure in the 2012 World’s Best Award and #6 in the World’s Best Hotel Spas by TripAdvisor in January 2013.

The spa is open to residents of the island, locals, and of course its guest.  The spa has 11 lavish treatment rooms and these rooms are so extravagant that they each have their own landscaped garden or small pool attached.  The treatment room colors are warm and inviting. The feeling when you walk in the treatment room is zen from the aromatherapy of the scented oils.

One unique feature that I saw for the first time here was a water extractor for your bathing suit in the locker room.  No going home with a wet bathing suit at this spa.    There is also a relaxation room that you visit before or after your treatment they serve hot teas, water, fruit, nuts, and some delicious chocolates.

A friend of mine and I spent my birthday there it was a whole day experience for us as we wanted to use all the amazing features and amenities offered to us. The highlight of our experience was of course the hydrotherapy pool. It was such a unique experience.  There was a bed that you could lie on in the pool and air bubbles would come up like a jacuzzi.  It was so relaxing as the water jets were so soothing!


Other amenities include warm and cold showers, a large sauna, a crystal cold room, and rhassoul.  You are probably wondering whats the last two amenities, crystal cold room, and a rhassoul.  A crystal cold room is a room with a crystal that has cold air circulating.  It is a refreshing experience.  A rhassoul is an oriental steam bath that is open to elements.  There is a specific treatment that it’s done in this area.


Of course, as this is an exclusive 5-star hotel the treatments here are one of the most expensive on the island but totally worth it especially if you want to splurge to pamper yourself.  This spa is great for solo spa days, couple spa days, or girlfriend spa days.


TIPS: Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit to use the private spa pool. Local residents and guests can visit the spa as a non-hotel guest of the hotel.  Note however there are times within the year especially during high season like Christmas, Easter etc. where outside guests can not book spa appointments.


2. Top Alluring Spa – Red Lane Spa at Royal Sandals Barbados

Sandals Spa
This is one of the newest spas in Barbados built at the all-inclusive Sandals hotel.  There are two spas that share two hotels.  My favorite and largest is the Red Lane Spa at Royal Sandals.  This spa as soon as you step in smells like aromatherapy rose oils.  It has an open area with large windows letting in lots of light. In the reception area will see a wall of products and also an infused water station. There’s a beautiful pool for lounging before your treatment covered by a gazebo with lots of local flowers making it truly an oasis.
The spa also offers the option to get your treatment in an outside private cabana.  These are beautifully designed and are very private as you walk across a wooden bridge to these private areas if your thinking romantic these truly are.  There’s also the option to have your spa in the traditional treatment rooms.  In terms of amenities, there’s a large locker room, sauna, steam room, and showers.   This spa is great for solo spa days, couple spa days, or girlfriend spa days.

Sandals Spa

TIPS: Don’t forget your bathing suit.  For locals or non-hotel guests ask questions in regards to how much time you can spend using the amenities as this is an all-inclusive hotel.  If you are a local make sure you let them know when you book.  In order to book the services as a resident of Barbados, I had to prepay for my services ahead of my scheduled service.  Make sure you also ask about the discount for local residents visiting the spa.


3. Top Alluring Spa – eForea Spa at Hilton Barbados

A couple of years ago the Hilton Barbados expanded its spa. This hotel is located in one of my top areas to stay in Barbados without a car which is very close to Bridgetown and the Garrison.  It is a medium-sized and intimate spa. The whole setting feels like an oasis and is very private.  There is small-sized locker area where you place your items.  The locker room also has a small-sized sauna.   In the relaxation room there’s relaxing music played and they have flavored water and snacks such as chocolate chip cookies, apples, or oranges.


There are 4 treatment rooms and one just for couples.  Each room has its own shower. For pedicures, there is a private treatment room.  In the room, they have the best pedicure chairs that I have ever experienced.  Not only do they have all the great massage features they are so posh, luxurious and comfortable. I have had some of my best pedicures at the eForea spa.
The spa also has a unique massage spa bed with heated sand now this sounds heavenly.  By the way its the first of its kind here in the Caribbean. This spa is also special as it is the first eforea spa in the Caribbean. This spa is great for solo spa days, couple spa days or girlfriend spa days.


4. Top Alluring Spa – Serenity Spa at the Crane Barbados

Crane Spa
The spa is located at the Crane Barbados which is such a beautiful location.  This resort is set on top of a rock and boosts some of the best views in Barbados.  The Crane is a historic hotel and is the oldest operating hotel in the Caribbean.  To get to the spa you have to walk through the courtyard of the hotel. This hotel has very mature flora and fauna it’s like being in a tropical garden.  The spa is located next to the pool and opens to a row of airy windows blowing in the Caribbean breeze.  This is a small spa and there is no relaxation area per se.  There is only a sitting area.


The treatment rooms are large in nature as they appear to be former hotel rooms.  Once entering the rooms the aromatherapy and candles put your body right into a state of relaxation.  The treatment room has its own restroom and is quite large.  The pedicure and manicure area can accommodate 2 guests each.   I have had some really great massages here at the Crane over the past couple of years.  There are no amenities such as a sauna or steam room here. This spa is open to residents of Barbados, guests of the hotel, and other guests to the island.

Crane spa

TIPS: If you kids they are allowed to stay in the kids club if it is open and available to hotel guests.  Also, this hotel spa has lots of spa promotions throughout the year especially around holidays such as Mother’s Day/Father’s Day or even just summer or Christmas promotions.  I frequent this spa the most because of its location close to my house and because of the value for money offered during the special spa promotions.  Based on the layout of this spa and lack of relaxation area I would recommend this spa for single treatments and couples.


5. Top Alluring Spa – Sand Box Tree Spa at Port Ferdinand

This spa is located at the luxurious port side facing Port Ferdinand in the parish of St. Peter.  This is a small intimate spa.  From the moment you arrive through the door, you will be greeted with aromas of lavender. Note there is no waiting room or relaxation area at this spa.  The spa is very open and features a glass wall area with lots of light and beautiful mature landscaping.
The pedicure and manicure area is to the left of the check-in desk.  There are several private luxury treatment rooms with their restroom facilities down the corridor of this spa.  There are no amenities such as a sauna or steam room here.  The spa is open to residents of Barbados, guests of the hotel, and other guests to the island. This spa is great for singles treatments and couples as it lacks a relaxation area if you are going as a group.


TIPS: You may want to ask if you have a private massage on the patio of the lovely villas or on the lovely manicured garden.


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